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Do great work

We always look to create the best solution

We know what it takes to succeed in the market: Responsibility. It's our responsibility to find not just a solution, but the best one. And that carries through every part of our organization. At Liberty Insurance, you are encouraged to challenge the status quo in pursuit of continuous innovation and improvement. You won't be alone either. Managers will provide constant coaching and guidance to help you find the right answer for every problem, and to execute it in the right way.


Build a strong career

You're the key to how good we can be

We'll work with you to pursue your goals and to meet them. Because when you succeed, so do we. That is why we never overlook what someone has to offer. At Liberty Insurance, you'll find work that challenges you and strengthens your skills.

We've put in place comprehensive tools and resources—from job-specific training, sponsorship for continuing education to internal transfers—to leverage your talents, expand your potential and help you set the pace within our evolving business needs. When building a career with us, we expect you to excel at what you do and push yourself to succeed


Enjoy the perks

Our rewards and benefits help you thrive personally and professionally

We offer flexible working arrangements that let you choose the best time to start and end your day. Excellent performance is reflected in your pay, along with an attractive bonus plan. On top of that, Liberty Insurance's benefits package is designed to help you meet your health needs and enjoy leisure activities.

You're free to pick benefits that make the most sense to you and your family, such as optical services, Traditional Chinese Medicine treatments, gym membership, and even sports equipment. So go find those perfect running shoes that take you a little farther, or that racket that makes your serve a little better. It all comes down to our belief in doing what it takes to balance work and a healthy lifestyle.


Meet our people

It has been five years since I joined Liberty Insurance, and these have been the most rewarding and best learning years of my career. Throughout these five years, I have had an excellent professional journey transitioning from Senior Executive to Assistant Vice President. I have always been provided with the platforms and environment to drive career growth, experience job satisfaction, gain recognition and enjoy work-life balance. These include constant opportunities to undergo training and explore different roles, supportive superiors and co-workers, as well as a hands-on management team that empowers me to perform at my best and deliver excellent service every day. I have a strong sense of accomplishment here and I am honored to be part of this company.

Alice Lee
Commercial Lines Department

It has been almost three years since I joined Liberty Insurance. It has been a great journey so far in terms of work experience, progression and opportunities. The most exciting part of this journey is the friendships that I have developed with my colleagues, which makes my work life exciting and purposeful. The various fun events and lifestyle activities organized by the HR team really help keep me feeling energized and engaged with my colleagues in various departments across the company.

Vinod Kannan Kumar
Information Technology Department

It has been 16 years since I joined Liberty Insurance as Head of Business Development. I am really proud and honored to be part of a progressive and innovative company with year-on-year profitable growth. It is a great place to work too—it is consistent, it keeps its promises, and it is prudently aggressive in business yet extremely ethical. My career here has benefited from the empowerment to lead and manage my team as well as the ample opportunities to develop my knowledge and skill set. Best of all, there is a strong bond among colleagues and cohesive teamwork, which foster a culture of performance and growth. I love what I am doing—working towards shared goals and a common purpose gives me a tremendous sense of achievement and satisfaction.

Ronnie Yang
Executive Vice President,
Business Development

I have been with Liberty Insurance for almost ten years and I am really grateful for the opportunity to gain experience in Claims. The Claims team is professional and I feel comfortable working with them. People here are nice and always willing to share their experiences, and they have helped me grow as a professional and as a person. I am proud to be a part of this company, and happy to see that we are always growing and continuing to deliver great results.

Yazidah Haniffah
Claims Department

One of the best things about being with Liberty Insurance for over 20 years is the opportunity to contribute to the work of the company and witness its growth firsthand. We are given much room to make decisions locally, which is the key to staying agile and capitalizing on business opportunities as they appear. This autonomy is an important factor that has been driving the progress and profitability of the company over the years.

Derek Low
Executive Vice President,
Personal Lines

I have been with Liberty Insurance for five years and I am still happy to go to work every day, even when work gets challenging. I have the most encouraging bosses who believe in trusting and empowering employees to make business decisions. This, coupled with excellent teamwork among great colleagues, really motivates me to focus on doing my best to do the job right. It is fun, rewarding and gratifying to build my career here, where I am constantly learning and growing with the company.

Sindy Kok
Business Development Department

Thirty-four years ago, the culture here—friendly environment and approachable management—gave me the confidence to pursue a career with Liberty Insurance. Since then, the company has provided me with numerous opportunities, including the chance to take on different roles and gain new experiences in various departments like IT and Underwriting. That helped me build a strong foundation to support my transition from data processing to underwriting. I have also received valuable guidance from my mentors, which equipped me with the necessary knowledge and underwriting skills to make sound judgments in the assessment of risks.

Jennie Tan
Personal Lines Department

The success of a company depends on its people. This in turn depends on its core values and how these are executed. Liberty Insurance's core values are about behaving with integrity; treating others with dignity and respect; and developing and engaging our people. This has been our corporate culture, which has enabled us to work in tandem towards our goals.

Leong Ping Keong
Executive Vice President,
Commercial Lines


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