Fire & Extraneous Perils Insurance

Protect your property and assets against fire and named perils losses learn more

Consequential Loss Insurance

Be protected against the loss of profit arising from a loss covered under a property material damage policy learn more

Money Insurance

Be insured against pecuniary loss learn more

Burglary Insurance

Secure your physical property learn more

Plate Glass Insurance

Safeguard the plate glass in your premises learn more

All Risks Insurance

Protect your industrial, commercial or office machinery and equipment against accidental loss or damage learn more

Electronic Equipment Insurance

Protect your electronic equipment against accidental loss or damage learn more

Industrial All Risks Insurance

Protect your property and assets against accidental loss or damage learn more

Boiler and Pressure Vessel Insurance

Protect against damage to boilers due to an explosion or collapse learn more

Machinery Breakdown Consequential Loss Insurance

Total coverage during machinery breakdown learn more

Machinery Breakdown Insurance

Protect against your losses arising from accidental breakdown of your machinery learn more

Public Liability Insurance

Protect your business legal liability against third party learn more

Carrier’s & Warehousemen’s Liability Insurance

Safeguard your legal liabilities as a bailee or warehouseman learn more

Performance Bonds/Insurance Guarantee

Safeguard the deposits of your contracts and projects learn more

Contractor/Erection All Risks Insurance

Protect your project works against accidental loss or damage including third party risk exposure learn more

Products Liability Insurance

Protect your legal liability arising from product failure learn more

Professional Indemnity Insurance

Secure your professional liability learn more

Contractors’ Plant and Machinery Insurance

Protect your assets–plant and machinery learn more

Course Fee Protection

learn more

Corporate Travel - TourCare Plus

Catered to your traveling needs learn more

Corporate Travel-BizTraveler

Peace of mind for traveling employees learn more

Fidelity Guarantee Insurance

Safeguard your company against financial loss due to fraud or misappropriation learn more

Work Injury Compensation Insurance

Fulfill your liability to your employees learn more


The EZ way to show your employees you care learn more


Take control of your medical treatment
learn more


Finding the right coverage at the right price learn more

Medical-Foreign Worker

Safeguard your liabilities for medical expenses for your foreign workers learn more

Undertaking Bond-Foreign Worker

Safeguard against default on foreign worker expenses learn more

Philippines Embassy Bond-Foreign Worker

Protect your liability as an employer of a Filipino domestic maid learn more


Comprehensive insurance coverage for your retail shop learn more


Complete care for businesses that care and treat
learn more


Coverage and satisfaction which is not just skin deep learn more


A foolproof recipe for peace of mind
learn more


Care solutions catered to your office needs learn more


Take full control over your business learn more

Pleasure Craft Insurance

Insure your valuable yacht learn more

Motor Trade

Protect your vehicle against accidental loss or damage as a motor trader
learn more

Commercial Vehicle

Commercial Vehicle Insurance You can Rely on learn more

Vehicle Rental/Leasing

Protect your vehicles under leasing against accidental loss or damage learn more