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Safeguarding Your Income

Safeguarding Your Income

As a professional Pilot, Flight Instructor, Air Traffic Controller or Aircraft Maintenance Engineer, you have earned a career like no other. Congratulations! The work is challenging and demanding, but it’s immensely rewarding too. You are turning a once fantasy of flight into reality for the human race each day!

At Liberty, we share your passion for aviation. We also understand that your career and income are at risk if you are prevented from performing your duties, in the event of a serious injury or deterioration in health. In consultation with aviation experts, we have designed Paymaster to provide the financial support you may need to prepare for an alternative career, should your aviation career be brought to an abrupt end. We have also made provisions for difficult situations you may encounter when traveling overseas.

Paymaster is available on an individual basis or as top up to an existing group policy so that you may enjoy worldwide protection and peace of mind to make your dreams take wing.


Benefits at a Glance

  1. Income protection following permanent loss of license due to accidental bodily injury or illness
  2. Compensation for death following accidental bodily injury
  3. Cover for personal liability against third party claims whilst overseas
  4. Coverage is extended to include passive war situations
  5. Access to worldwide security alerts
  6. 24-hour assistance through Liberty Helpline (+65) 6636 1131
  7. Emergency medical evacuation
  8. Waiver of hospital admission deposit at designated hospitals in Hong Kong, China & Taiwan
  9. Access to bail bond facility
  10. Worldwide coverage

Summary of Benefits


Description of Benefits Benefit Limit
(Per Person per year)
Income Protection
Covers you up to the capital sum insured in the event you suffer accidental bodily injury or contract an illness during the period of insurance which results in a permanent loss of license
Sum Insured
Accidental Death
Covers you up to the capital sum insured in the event of your death due to accidental bodily injury
Sum Insured
Passive War Extension
Covers for income protection and accidental death are extended to include accidental bodily injury and death through war-like operations provided that you are not directly or indirectly involved in such activities
Worldwide Security Alerts
You may sign up for alerts on events or scenario which could pose a threat to your safety whilst overseas. Services such as online access to country wide security information, daily news bulletin, push e-mails alerts, SMS special incident advisory and a smart phone application for direct access to our dedicated travel risk management suite of information is available to you
Emergency Medical Evacuation (24 hours)
In the event that you require emergency medical treatment unavailable locally, this benefit covers your medical evacuation to a more appropriate medical facility. Medical expenses are not covered
Liberty Helpline (+65) 6636 1131
24-hour Medical and Travel Assistance
If you require medical or travel assistance whilst overseas, you may contact Liberty Helpline (+65) 6636 1131 for 24-hour assistance anytime, anywhere
Liberty China Card
Waiver of hospital admission deposit at designated hospitals in Hong Kong, China and Taiwan. Medical expenses are not covered
Liberty Helpline (+65) 6636 1131
Bail Bond Facility
Provides assistance in arranging a bail bond following your arrest for a bailable offence whilst overseas
Liberty Helpline (+65) 6636 1131
Personal Liability
Covers third party claims for bodily injury or property damage caused by your negligence whilst overseas

The information provided here is a summary. Please refer to the actual wordings for the terms and conditions.