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Private Car

Insure your car against accidental loss or damage

Insure your car against accidental loss or damage

Liberty’s Private Car Insurance provides comprehensive coverage including extra benefits. Enjoy peace of mind and be freed from the worries of insuring your vehicle. Savour the reason you have your car in the first place–to drive.


Subject to policy terms, conditions and exclusions.

Benefits at a Glance

  1. 24/7 roadside assistance
  2. Cover travels throughout Singapore and West Malaysia and that part of Thailand within 50 miles of the border between Thailand and West Malaysia
  3. Loss of use benefit for up to 5 days in the event of accident repairs
  4. S$50,000 personal accident cover for you while driving your car
  5. S$1,000 medical expenses reimbursements per accident for the insured, authorized driver and passengers
  6. Waiver of basic excess

Summary of Benefits


Scope of Cover/Type of Cover Comprehensive Third Party, Fire & Theft Third Party
Your car, accessories & spare parts
a. accidental loss or damage by fire
b. loss or damage by theft
c. accidental loss or damage by other insured causes
d. accidental loss or damage to windscreen
Your legal liability
a. death or bodily injury to third party
b. loss or damage to third party property
c. your legal costs and expenses
Other benefits
a. Towing to repairer or place of safety following accident or breakdown (up to S$300)
b. Personal accident benefits for you (up to S$50,000)
c. Medical expenses for you and your passengers (up to S$1,000 per person)
d. Legal aid for defending third party bodily injury claims (up to S$3,000)
e. Waiver of basic excess