Business Insurance - Risk management, Mandatory Insurance, business aspiration

Business insurance is more than a risk management tool for startups and SMEs

It's also crucial for meeting both statutory or business requirements and providing peace of mind throughout operations.

Worker Injury Compensation Act (WICA)

Statutory Requirement

Did you know? Under the Worker Injury Compensation Act, businesses are required to insure their employees who perform manual work or non-manual work (salary up to $2,600/month). Non-compliance can result in legal consequences or penalties.

Public Liability Insurance

Business Requirement

Excited to take up a lease at a prominent commercial space or shopping mall in Singapore? Hold your horses. It's common for the landlords to require a Public Liability Insurance from the tenants before they can commence operations.

Additional Safeguard - Coverage for Peace of Mind

Added Peace of Mind: Business Assets, Operations and Legal Liabilities

Concerned about the financial impact from unexpected business interruption? How about the potential losses or damage to your money and your goods-in-transit? A comprehensive business insurance serves as your financial guardrail to these events.


Overwhelmed by the complexity and technicality of business insurance?
We feel you.

Running a startup or SME isn't easy. Beyond ensuring smooth operations, product market-fit and generating enough revenue, startup and SME owners grapple with administrative tasks. One crucial yet complex aspect is securing the right insurance for their business. For aspiring entrepreneurs navigating these challenges for the first time, it can be overwhelming.

To simplify the insurance process for startups and SMEs in Singapore, we have developed a series of comprehensive, cost-effective business insurance packages. Each one is designed to address unique business needs and offer customisation.

Business Insurance, Made Simple.

Introducing Liberty's CARE Series for business:
The comprehensive, cost effective business insurance packages for startups and SMEs.

Our business insurance packages are tailored for startups and SMEs, providing essential comprehensive coverages to a wide range of industries and sectors. It enables you to meet the statutory or business requirements while safeguarding you and your business from risks specific to your business nature. Above all, you get to customise add-on covers and additional coverages, all within the same plan to meet your unique business needs and requirements. Discover more about Liberty Insurance's Care Series for business today. 

The information provided here is a summary. Please refer to the actual policy wordings for the terms and conditions.

Beauty Industry


Business Insurance tailored for Beauty/hair care, Hair loss treatment, Health Centres, Spas, Massage, Reflexology, Aromatherapy, Slimming Centres, Pedicures and Manicures
Discover BeautyCare
Cafe Industry


Business Insurance tailored for Restaurants and Food Stalls
Discover CafeCare
Clinic Industry


Business Insurance tailored for Medical clinics and Dental clinics (including licenses TCM offering Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture)
Discover ClinicCare
Office Industry


Business Insurance tailored for Offices in Commercial and Industrial Building, and Registered Home Offices
Discover OfficeCare


Business Insurance tailored for: Provision shops, Mini-markets, Florists, Tuition Centres, Bridal agencies, Aquariums/Pet shops (excluding live fish /animals)
Discover ShopCare
SMECare - Insurance for SMEs


Business Insurance tailored for: Small Medium Enterprises (SME) of various trades and Industries
Discover SMECare

A unique concoction of 11 proprietary ingredients to meet your business or regulatory requirement and provide peace of mind, all in one comprehensive business package.

Cover for risks unique to your business

Cover for risks unique to your business

Whether you are running a beauty salon, a cafe, a medical clinic, a consultancy firm, or a tuition centre, our comprehensive, cost-effective business insurance is designed to safeguard the distinct and specific risk inherent to your type of business.

All Risk - Business Insurance

All Risks

In the face of unexpected and sudden physical loss or damage, the expenses of restoring your renovations, contents, and stock-in-trade can be substantial. All Risks is here to protect you and your business interest.

Consequential Loss - Business Insurance

Consequential Loss

Imagine a situation where your business encounters interruption due to the closure of the premises or property damage preventing access. This coverage ensures you receive the necessary compensation in the event of business interruption.

Rental Expenses

Rental Expenses

Should your business premises become uninhabitable, your immediate priority would be securing alternative premises to ensure business continuity. This coverages enables you to address this concern worry-free! Limits and Time periods apply.

Public Liability - Business Insurance

Public Liability

Commonly required by landlords of shopping malls or commercial buildings, this coverage indemnifies your business from accidental bodily injury or illness as well as accidental loss or damage to third party property. Limits apply.

Personal Accident - Business Owners

Personal Accident Coverage for Business Owners

As a director or sole proprietor of the business, you are covered for accidental bodily injury resulting in death or permanent disablement on a worldwide basis, 24/7.

Loss of Money - Business Insurance

Cover for Loss of Money

Even with proper business records, you can be at risks of money loss while it is in transit, in premises during business hours, and in locked safes after business hour. This coverage offers the peace of mind crucial to safeguarding your financial assets.


Cover for Goods-in-Transit

Always on the move? Get coverage for loss or damage to stock-in-trade caused by fire or accident in the course of transit by vehicles owned or hired by your business. (Not applicable to OfficeCare and ClinicCare)

WICA - Worker Injury Compensation Act

Customisable Add-on Cover: Worker Injury Compensation Act (WICA)

Under WICA 2019, employers are liable to compensate employees for any injury or occupational disease suffered, arising out of and in the course of employment. This add-on becomes especially useful as you scale-up your operation and employ more employees.

Fidelity Guarantee

Customisable Add-on Cover: Fidelity Guarantee

Are you worried about monetary losses suffered arising from the dishonest acts of your employees? This add-on cover compensates you for that! Limits apply.

Deterioration of Stock

Customisable Add-on Cover: Deterioration of Stock

Your frozen stock-in-trade can be subject to loss or damage at your business premise due to accidental damage to your refrigerating equipment or failure of public electricity supply. Tailor your plan with this add-on cover to safeguard against such events

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The above is for illustration purposes only. Please refer to the actual policy wordings for the terms and conditions. Protected up to specified limits by SDIC. 

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Why should you Care?

Business or mandatory requirement - covered

Statutory or Business Requirements, covered.

Don't worry about someone breathing down your neck or facing unnecessary delays in your operations due to non-compliance. Proudly declare to the stakeholders you've taken all necessary steps, including mandatory coverage, to serve the world better!

From as low as $2 a day, it's like your business' daily cup of coffee.

From as low as $2 a day, it's like your business' daily cup of coffee.

Much like your need for a daily coffee boost, your business deserves a similar kickstart. Gift your business the jolt it needs to thrive with a cost-effective, comprehensive business insurance.

Additional Safeguard

Additional safeguards for your business, as you go full speed ahead.

With additional protection crafted to safeguard your business operations, assets and employees, you can now confidently navigate the business environment and scale to new height.

Book a complimentary consult today: Jumpstart and secure your business from as low as $2 a day.

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