Key Benefits

Liberty Insurance commemorates more than a 100 years of success and excellence. We are who we are thanks to the support of our producers, staff and endearing customers. That is why we have specially designed a no-frills personal accident plan, Liberty Centennial PA, to suit to your evolving needs.

At Liberty Insurance, we care for our customers and their well-being throughout their lives. As their needs evolve with each change, we too respond and adapt accordingly.

This is our commitment to help people live safer and more secure lives.


Worldwide 24/7 Protection


Personal Accident Coverage At S$100,000


Medical Expenses Reimbursement

For Infectious Diseases And Traditional Chinese Medicine Treatment


Daily Cash Benefits Following Hospitalization


Provides Cover For Mobility Aids


Find A Plan That Meets Your Needs

Description of Benefits General
(Sum Insured)
Child Cover*
(Sum Insured)
Accidental Death S$100,000 S$10,000
Permanent Disablement (Scale II) S$100,000 S$10,000

Accidental Medical Expenses per accident
(including Infectious Diseases)

Traditional Chinese Medical Treatment (TCM) per accident





Temporary Total Disablement per accident
(up to 100 weeks)
S$100 Not Applicable
Daily Accidental Hospital Income per accident
(up to 100 weeks)
S$100 Not Applicable
Mobility Aid per accident S$100 Not Applicable

* Free cover for up to 2 children if Insured & Spouse take up the plan together at the same time  
The information provided here is a summary. Please refer to the actual policy wordings for the terms and conditions.

Classification of Occupations

Class Description
Class 1 You are engaged in indoor & non-manual work in non-hazardous places.
Class 2 You are engaged in work of an outdoor or supervisory nature or involve occasional manual work, whose duties do not include use of tools or machinery and are not exposed to any special hazard, e.g. property agent, outdoor sales/marketing.

Annual Premium Table For Standard Lives Only (SGD)

Per Person

Per Person (including prevailing GST): S$107.00

Top- Up for Medical Expenses (Applicable to adults only)

We will charge each person additional premium of S$10.70 for every S$1,000.00 sum insured and allow top-up to maximum of S$2,000.00
The maximum sum insured for Accidental Medical Expenses shall not exceed S$3,000.00 per person


Persons Eligible to apply
  • Singapore Citizens or Permanent Residents who are permanently residing in Singapore
  • Adults from 18 to 65 years old; renewable up to the age of 70 years old
  • Child from 6 months to 17 yrs old or up to age 25 if he/she is enrolled in an educational institution on full-time higher education
  • Class 1 & 2 Occupation only
Decline Risks

Air crew, ship crew, professional divers, professional sports persons, occupations involving diving, oil-rig platform, on-board vessel or offshore work, fire-fighting, police or military personnel or occupations of hazardous nature e.g. Involving height, depth or heat

Major Exclusions

AIDS and diseases associated with HIV/pre-existing conditions/pregnancy, childbirth or its complications/ suicide or self-inflicted injury/war and nuclear related events/any kind of speed contest or racing (other than on foot) and motor rallies/professional sports