Key Benefits


Surgical Fees including operation fees and post-operative care for up to a minimum of 91 days


Hospital Miscellaneous Services


Diagnostic Services


Emergency Outpatient Accidental Treatment


Ambulance Fees

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(Maximum Each Injury/Illness)
Plan A Plan B Plan C Plan D
Hospital Room & Board
(Daily max. up to 91 days)
S$200 S$300 S$400 S$500
Intensive Care Unit
(Daily max. up to 20 days)
S$400 S$600 S$800 S$1,000
Hospital Miscellaneous Services S$4,000 S$4,250 S$4,500 S$5,000
Surgical Fees
(Subject to Surgical Schedule)
S$6,000 S$6,500 S$7,000 S$7,500
Anaesthetist Fees 25% of Surgical fees reimbursable 25% of Surgical fees reimbursable 25% of Surgical fees reimbursable 25% of Surgical fees reimbursable
Diagnostic Services S$450 S$550 S$600 S$700
In-Hospital Physician Visit
(Daily max. up to 91 days)
S$80 S$100 S$120 S$150
Post-Hospitalisation Treatment S$600 S$600 S$600 S$600
Mobility Aids S$200 S$250 S$300 S$350
Emergency Outpatient Accidental Treatment S$1,600 S$2,200 S$2,500 S$2,800
Ambulance Fees S$160 S$160 S$160 S$160

The information provided here is a summary. Please refer to the actual policy wordings for the terms and conditions.


  1. Persons eligible to apply

  2. Major Exclusions

  3. Policy Owners’ Protection Scheme

Key Product Provisions

  1. The following are some key provisions found in the actual policy wordings of this plan. This is a product summary and you are advised to refer to the actual terms and conditions in the policy wordings before deciding to purchase the Policy.

  2. Cancellation Clause

  3. Geographical Cover

  4. Terms of Renewal

  5. Non-Guaranteed Premium

  6. Change of Occupation/Country of Resident

  7. Reasonable & Customary Charges

  8. Policy Period

  9. Free Look Period

  10. Important Notes