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Liberty Centennial PA

A Simple and Affordable Personal Accident Plan

It's easy to enjoy greater security

A Simple and Affordable Personal Accident Plan

Liberty Insurance commemorates more than a 100 years of success and excellence. We are who we are thanks to the support of our producers, staff and endearing customers. That is why we have specially designed a no-frills personal accident plan, Liberty Centennial PA, to suit to your evolving needs.

At Liberty Insurance, we care for our customers and their well-being throughout their lives. As their needs evolve with each change, we too respond and adapt accordingly.

This is our commitment to help people live safer and more secure lives.

Benefits at a Glance

  1. Worldwide 24/7 protection
  2. Personal Accident coverage at S$100,000
  3. Medical Expenses reimbursement for Infectious Diseases and Traditional Chinese Medicine treatment
  4. Daily Cash benefits following hospitalization
  5. Provides cover for Mobility Aids

Summary of Benefits

Description of Benefits Sum Insured
Accidental Death S$100,000
Permanent Disablement (Scale II) S$100,000
Accidental Medical Expenses (including Infectious Diseases) (per accident) S$1,000
Traditional Chinese Medical Treatment (TCM) (Sub-limit S$500) (per accident)
Temporary Total Disablement (up to 100 weeks) (per accident) S$100
Daily Accidental Hospital Income (up to 100 days) (per accident) S$100
Mobility Aid (per accident) S$100
Child Cover*
  • Accidental Death
  • Permanent Disablement (Scale II)
  • Accidental Medical Expenses (including Infectious Diseases) (per accident)
  • Traditional Chinese Medical Treatment (TCM) (Sub-limit S$100) (per accident)

*Free cover for up to 2 children if Insured & Spouse take up the plan together at the same time

The information provided here is a summary. Please refer to the actual policy wordings for the terms and conditions.