Key Benefits


Convenient locations - repairs can be carried out at any 3 workshops


Professional workshop


Insurance backed coverage


Courtesy car


Enhanced resale value

Key Benefits

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. If my motor warranty is covered by Liberty but my motor insurance is covered by another insurance company, will the warranty coverage still be valid if my car is repaired by motor insurer's Authorised Workshop after an accident?

  2. If the car ownership changes, is the motor warranty still valid?

  3. What part(s) are covered under the motor warranty for New and Used Hybrid cars?

  4. Does Liberty Insurance offer credit terms for dealers?

  5. Will there be any refunds if my warranty is cancelled or voided?

  6. I bought a 3 year warranty for my new car. Can I extend it for another 2 years if I am 12 months into the warranty?

  7. How can a customer make a claim?

  8. When is a policy considered null and void?

  9. How can I prevent my warranty from becoming null and void?

  10. What can be done over the Motor Warranty hotline?

What do you need to know

Exclusive workshop Optima Werkz is the exclusive workshop. All servicing and repairs must be done by Optima Werkz
Recalls The policy will only cover the labour costs of manufacturer recalls. Costs of the parts are not covered by the policy
Towing This policy includes 24/7 towing services within territorial limits (fees not covered)
Servicing Vehicle must be serviced at intervals as per the service schedule
Renewal Renewals will be made at the discretion of Liberty Insurance

Major Exclusions

  • Excluded parts (see policy wordings for details)
  • Damage caused by fire, theft, lightning, collision, impact of foreign particles, accident or an act of God
  • Pre-existing defects
  • Wear and tear
  • Regular maintenance fees
  • Third party claims
  • Consequential charges
  • Towing charges
  • Damage caused by neglect or failure to maintain the Insured vehicle

 The information provided here is a summary. Please refer to the actual policy wordings for the terms and conditions. Pursuant to S25(5) Insurance Act, if you do not fully and faithfully give the facts as you know them or ought to know them, you may receive nothing from the Policy.

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Pre-inspections are mandatory for used cars.
By clicking ‘Submit’, you fully agree and consent to Liberty and Optima Werkz collecting, using processing and/or disclosing personal data for all purposes and sundry related to underwriting, performing, supporting and administering the Motor Warranty Policy and the Liberty-Optima Werkz collaboration in addition to Liberty's Data Protection PolicyPrivacy Policy, and Terms and Conditions.
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