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Coverage with greater financial flexibility

It doesn't have to be a financial burden

Coverage with greater financial flexibility

There are several hidden costs that come with hospitalization. These include transportation fees, trying out alternative medication to speed up recovery, paying for help to look after your loved ones and lost income. At Liberty Insurance, we believe that this is a financial burden you should not have to bear.

Secure a sense of financial flexibility when you complement your hospitalization plan with proMediCash. This plan gives you additional cash upon hospitalization that you can use as you please, be it to seek specialist treatment or pay for extra expenses.

Let your diagnosis and recovery be your main concern and let us worry about the rest.

Benefits at a Glance

  1. High cash benefits for first day of hospitalization
  2. Cash benefits follow quarantine or hospitalization due to infectious diseases
  3. Post hospitalization transport reimbursement benefit
  4. Lodger benefit up to 5 days for accommodation costs incurred by companion during hospitalization
  5. Get well benefit–lump sum payable following extended hospitalization
  6. Other Information:
    • 24-hour worldwide coverage
    • Immediate acceptance without medical examination

Summary of Benefits


Description of Benefits
Plan A
Sum Insured
Plan B
Sum Insured
Plan C
Sum Insured
First Day Hospital Income S$400 S$300 S$200
Daily Hospital Income Benefit

  • payable up to 500 days per Illness
S$300 S$200 S$100
Daily Hospital Income Benefit

  • payable up to 500 days per Accident
S$400 S$300 S$200
ICU Daily Hospital Income Benefit

  • payable up to 60 days per Illness/Accident
S$500 S$400 S$300
Get Well Benefit

  • upon minimum 7 consecutive days of hospitalization
S$500 S$300 N.A.
Lodger Benefit

  • payable daily up to 5 days per hospitalization
S$100 S$50 N.A.
Inconvenience Benefit Due to Quarantine

  • payable daily up to 5 days
S$50 S$30 N.A.
Transport Reimbursements (Taxi and Ambulance only)

  • payable per visit and up to 3 visits within 90 days upon discharge
S$50 S$25 N.A.

The information provided here is a summary. Please refer to the actual policy wordings for the terms and conditions.