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International health insurance at your doorstep

International health insurance at your doorstep

MyHEALTH is designed for global citizens and expatriates who want reliable international health coverage. MyHEALTH is flexible, allowing you to mix and match modules to design the ideal health insurance plan you desire.

Benefits at a Glance

  1. Flexible international plans to suit your needs
  2. Medical expenses covered from the 1st dollar spent

Summary of Benefits


Hospital & Surgery Essential Extensive Elite
Annual Limit per person S$2 million S$4 million S$4.5 million
Hospitalization (inpatient and day patient costs) Covered
Pre-hospitalization benefits 30 days 90 days
Post-hospitalization benefits 90 days
Parental accommodation Covered
Outpatient surgery Covered
Cancer treatment Covered
Organ transplant Covered
Congenital conditions*^ N.A. S$135,000 S$270,000
Neonatal Disabilities*^ N.A. S$135,000 S$270,000
Adding newborns from birth without underwriting N.A. As long as a parent is insured for 1 year and renews. Underwriting will apply for adoptions, birth following assisted conception & surrogacy.
Complications of pregnancy N.A. Covered
Stem Cell Treatment* N.A. S$100,000 S$200,000
HIV/AIDs*^ S$135,000 S$270,000
Hospital Cash Benefit S$150 per night up to a maximum of 30 nights S$250 per night up to a maximum of 30 nights S$300 per night up to a maximum of 30 nights
Walk-in Emergency Room treatment S$300 S$400 S$800


Assistance Included in Every Hospital Plan
Emergency medical evacuation and repatriation Up to US$1,000,000
Repatriation of remains Covered
Cash advance Up to US$2,500
Legal expenses and assistance Up to US$25,000
Compassionate travel Return economy class airline ticket and hotel accommodation up to US$150 per night for max 7 nights


Optional Outpatient Essential Extensive Elite
Annual Limit for Outpatient Benefits S$7,000 Covered
Outpatient co-insurance percentage Choice of NIL or 20%
GPs and Specialists Covered
Medicines, scans and tests Covered
Physiotherapy with referral S$1,500 *NEW* Covered
Outpatient Mental and Nervous Conditions* N.A. S$4,800 S$6,800
Complementary Medicine and Traditional Chinese Medicine S$300 S$2,000 S$4,100
Medical appliances & mobility aids S$2,500 S$5,000
Medical check up N.A. S$650 S$1,000
Vaccinations N.A. S$350 S$550
Routine Outpatient Maternity N.A. N.A. S$6,500 per pregnancy


Optional Maternity Essential Extensive Elite
Pre and post-natal care, delivery and newborn care^ S$7,000 per pregnancy S$13,500 per pregnancy S$20,000 per pregnancy


Optional Dental and Optical Essential Extensive Elite
Minor dental treatment (e.g. cleaning, simple extractions) S$1,400
Major dental treatment (e.g. implants, root canal, orthodontics)^ N.A. S$3,400
Eye exams, prescription contact lenses and lenses N.A. S$400


*Lifetime Limit
^Waiting Period Applies